Quick Loan for Timing Replacement

Does your car need timing replacement? In that case, you must prepare yourself for a higher expense. How much will we have to pay for the replacement of the timing in the car and where to get the money when we do not have the right amount to repair?

Replacing the timing awaits sooner or later every owner of a car with an internal combustion engine. These engines need fuel for operation, which in the form of an air-fuel mixture is pumped into cylinders with moving pistons. Then the mixture breaks out and the combustion reaction products are removed – as a result the car can move.

For a trouble-free operation of the combustion engine, a belt or timing chain is needed. Its task is to synchronize all elements, thanks to which they open and close at appropriate moments. Therefore, the timing prevents engine damage.

Problems with timing

Problems with timing

In new cars we do not have any problems with the timing, because the timing chain or belt works smoothly. Modern components of this type are durable, work quietly and provide a high level of driving comfort. Over time, however, the elements are subject to micro-damage and extension. If the timing is not changed in time, the engine may even be damaged!

Experts advise to control the timing about every tens of thousands of kilometers. Usually, the replacement of the chain is necessary after traveling a few hundred thousand kilometers and the factory belt after 120-160 thousand kilometers, but it is dependent on the particular car model and the type and quality of the timing.

When to change the timing?

When to change the timing?

When we regularly check the car, we can determine if the experts can determine when it is necessary to exchange. When buying a used car, we should check the condition of the timing belt or timing chain – it happens that the vehicles are already sold with a worn out element. However, it is not always possible to precisely determine the status of this element, therefore it is recommended to replace it after the date recommended by the manufacturer.

Problems related to the timing can be noticed primarily after unusual sounds that come out from under the bonnet of the vehicle. This applies mainly to cars with a timing chain, because the belts operate more quietly.

How much does timing replacement cost?

How much does timing replacement cost?

The costs depend on the car model that we deal with. We must also remember that in addition to the belt or chain, we will need additional elements, including the tensioner arm, guide roll and tensioner, sealants and gaskets. It may also be necessary to replace the water pump.

We can choose original parts that are recommended, but more expensive. We can also buy cheaper alternatives that also present good quality.

We will pay from PLN 800 to PLN 2,000 depending on the model of the car and the chosen workshop, so it is not a low price. When we lack the money to cover this expense, we can take a quick installment loan. Now you can get it even completely online – without leaving your home. This is the best choice when we have to make a timing change right away and we do not have enough savings.

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