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The legislator stipulates that credit intermediaries may only act without any advance costs. You are entitled to a remuneration claim only after successful mediation of the desired loan. The credit service providers thus alone carry the risk that they will not find a suitable loan offer for a potential customer or that the client rejects their proposals. Should credit intermediaries, contrary to the legal regulation, demand from their customers the payment of advance costs, they act dubiously.

The customer does not conclude the credit agreement with the service provider, but on his mediation with the bank paying out the money. Between him and the credit intermediary there is a contract of work with the task of providing the best possible credit. On behalf of the lender, the client indicates the desired sum as well as either the preferred term or the maximum possible monthly installment. The additional mention of the purpose of use is required if special loans are available for this loan. This applies to the vehicle financing, but also to cosmetic repairs in the house or in the apartment.

It makes sense to specify the option of a flexible repayment when placing an order with the loan broker as a request for the loan to be found. The reasonable cost of lending is offset by a cheap loan. In addition, intermediaries are often successful in cases where banks directly reject incoming loan applications.

When does it make sense to hire a credit intermediary?

On the one hand in the context of real estate financing and on the other hand in difficult situations, the appointment of a credit intermediary makes sense. In the case of borrowing for a home purchase or a house construction, it is widely accepted that the bank pays the resulting commission to the service provider. In the case of consumer credit, on the other hand, the borrower assumes the payment of the success fee to the credit intermediary. Experience has shown that reputable credit intermediaries, who operate without advance payment, often receive a loan payment in cases where banks reject the allocation of funds when applying for direct payment.

The improved chances of borrowing via the credit intermediary without having to pay any initial costs is based on the good market knowledge and excellent contacts of the service provider. In addition, he represents a significantly higher demand sum than the individual prospective loaner. For self-employed and freelancers as well as for other occupational groups, which are often reluctant to lend financial institutions, the appointment of a credit intermediary is useful. This also applies to people with fluctuating or low income.

Even during the parental allowance, borrowing through an experienced and reputable credit intermediary without pre-costing is much easier than direct application to a bank. Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for the service provider is higher than most credit institutions accepted loan sums and desired maturities of more than seven to ten years, which offer only a few banks for directly requested consumer loans.

Even with weak private credit helps the credit intermediary

Even with weak private credit helps the credit intermediary

Applying for Swiss loans without private credit up to an amount of € 3,500 or € 5,000 is possible directly with a resident bank, provided that the loan seeker meets the strict terms of the contract. These are significantly milder if the customer applies for the loan without a loan intermediary without pre-calculation.

In this case, higher amounts are possible. The broker asks not only Swiss and Liechtenstein banks, but also financial institutions in other countries, if his customer wants to take a private creditfreien loan. In many cases, thanks to the good contacts of the credit intermediary, it is possible to obtain a bank loan from a domestic financial institution in spite of negative private credit, and thus not to depend on a private credit-free loan.

The credit intermediary performs a cost comparison

A good credit intermediary without a cost estimate does not just care about having his client get a loan. At the same time, he strives to ensure that the cost of credit is as low as possible. The intermediary thus carries out a credit comparison between different offers. Since a reputable credit intermediary operates without any cost, he only earns an order if his client accepts a proposal proposed to him. He therefore has an interest in working successfully for the client.

On the other hand, if an intermediary, contrary to the legal provision, insists on the payment of pre-payments, there is a risk that he will only collect them and in reality not want to be active. For this reason, consumers and prospective real estate owners engage a credit intermediary only if the service provider works at no cost. If the attempt to mediate is unsuccessful, which occurs in a few cases, at least no additional costs arise. By far the most clients of a reputable loan broker receive the loan they want on favorable terms. Credit comparison calculators show not only direct bank loans but also popular offers from intermediaries.

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