Credit intermediaries without cost



The legislator stipulates that credit intermediaries may only act without any advance costs. You are entitled to a remuneration claim only after successful mediation of the desired loan. The credit service providers thus alone carry the risk that they will not find a suitable loan offer for a potential customer or that the client rejects their proposals. Should credit intermediaries, contrary to the legal regulation, demand from their customers the payment of advance costs, they act dubiously.

The customer does not conclude the credit agreement with the service provider, but on his mediation with the bank paying out the money. Between him and the credit intermediary there is a contract of work with the task of providing the best possible credit. On behalf of the lender, the client indicates the desired sum as well as either the preferred term or the maximum possible monthly installment. The additional mention of the purpose of use is required if special loans are available for this loan. This applies to the vehicle financing, but also to cosmetic repairs in the house or in the apartment.

It makes sense to specify the option of a flexible repayment when placing an order with the loan broker as a request for the loan to be found. The reasonable cost of lending is offset by a cheap loan. In addition, intermediaries are often successful in cases where banks directly reject incoming loan applications.

When does it make sense to hire a credit intermediary?

On the one hand in the context of real estate financing and on the other hand in difficult situations, the appointment of a credit intermediary makes sense. In the case of borrowing for a home purchase or a house construction, it is widely accepted that the bank pays the resulting commission to the service provider. In the case of consumer credit, on the other hand, the borrower assumes the payment of the success fee to the credit intermediary. Experience has shown that reputable credit intermediaries, who operate without advance payment, often receive a loan payment in cases where banks reject the allocation of funds when applying for direct payment.

The improved chances of borrowing via the credit intermediary without having to pay any initial costs is based on the good market knowledge and excellent contacts of the service provider. In addition, he represents a significantly higher demand sum than the individual prospective loaner. For self-employed and freelancers as well as for other occupational groups, which are often reluctant to lend financial institutions, the appointment of a credit intermediary is useful. This also applies to people with fluctuating or low income.

Even during the parental allowance, borrowing through an experienced and reputable credit intermediary without pre-costing is much easier than direct application to a bank. Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for the service provider is higher than most credit institutions accepted loan sums and desired maturities of more than seven to ten years, which offer only a few banks for directly requested consumer loans.

Even with weak private credit helps the credit intermediary

Even with weak private credit helps the credit intermediary

Applying for Swiss loans without private credit up to an amount of € 3,500 or € 5,000 is possible directly with a resident bank, provided that the loan seeker meets the strict terms of the contract. These are significantly milder if the customer applies for the loan without a loan intermediary without pre-calculation.

In this case, higher amounts are possible. The broker asks not only Swiss and Liechtenstein banks, but also financial institutions in other countries, if his customer wants to take a private creditfreien loan. In many cases, thanks to the good contacts of the credit intermediary, it is possible to obtain a bank loan from a domestic financial institution in spite of negative private credit, and thus not to depend on a private credit-free loan.

The credit intermediary performs a cost comparison

A good credit intermediary without a cost estimate does not just care about having his client get a loan. At the same time, he strives to ensure that the cost of credit is as low as possible. The intermediary thus carries out a credit comparison between different offers. Since a reputable credit intermediary operates without any cost, he only earns an order if his client accepts a proposal proposed to him. He therefore has an interest in working successfully for the client.

On the other hand, if an intermediary, contrary to the legal provision, insists on the payment of pre-payments, there is a risk that he will only collect them and in reality not want to be active. For this reason, consumers and prospective real estate owners engage a credit intermediary only if the service provider works at no cost. If the attempt to mediate is unsuccessful, which occurs in a few cases, at least no additional costs arise. By far the most clients of a reputable loan broker receive the loan they want on favorable terms. Credit comparison calculators show not only direct bank loans but also popular offers from intermediaries.

Payday Loans Teachers: soft loan for tenured state teachers and temporary workers

Let’s see what payday loans are designed specifically for teachers. All the characteristics of this form of financing and the requisites required to have access to it. Finally, how to apply for state tenured teachers and temporary workers, with limitations for the latter.

Payday loans for tenured teachers: characteristics and requisites required

Payday loans for tenured teachers: characteristics and requisites required

Among the most affordable forms of financing, and therefore to be taken into account when we are looking for a certain sum of money, there are payday loans. Now managed for several years by the Social Institute, this is subsidized loans, particularly for employees and pensioners. Let’s see what is the solution designed for state teachers, and what are the main characteristics of the same. By visiting the Social Institute website, the proposed product is that of the small loan for the members of the Magistrale Assistance Management. As outlined in the related description, it is a solution aimed exclusively at teachers and school principals who have a permanent contract and are employed in primary or infant schools. Therefore precarious teachers will not be able to receive this form of loan, as well as private school teachers, however we will see later how they will be able to get the amount of money they need.

The small Payday loan for tenured teachers is a loan that allows us to receive a maximum amount equal to two net monthly salaries of the salary received, which will be repaid in 24 monthly installments. Unlike the classic personal loans offered to us by banks, in this case we do not therefore have the possibility to choose the characteristics of our loan according to our preferences. This can be seen as a limitation, even if the amount that can be requested and the fixed duration make it not a big problem for those who have to make the repayment. The conditions of the financing are particularly convenient and justify the enormous request that is made. The annual interest rate is in fact set at 1.50%, a level much lower than those currently on the market. With regard to administration fees and the costs of the guarantee fund, these will be equal to 1% of the gross amount of the loan and will be deducted in advance by the company.

Given the conditions, virtually all of us would like to receive funding of this type, preferring it to the many proposals for personal loans that we have always analyzed on our site. However this is not possible because in addition to having to be a permanent contract teacher, another limitation that is specified in the product description is that concerning the purpose of the loan itself. In fact, there are only a few reasons for having access to credit through this small loan. First of all, you can make the request in case of birth or if you decide to adopt children, or in case of marriage or children. Among the unfortunate reasons we find the death of family members and serious illnesses of their own or family members. You can also apply for credit for the extraordinary maintenance of the house, home loan, dental care, but also transfer of residence, purchase of a car or to meet the expenses of the university for the children. Finally, the item ” extraordinary events due to the particular situation of the applicant’s needs ” includes all cases that have not been considered, and which therefore can be assessed at the time of the loan application.

Payday loan for precarious state teachers: how to apply for funding?

We have seen what are the main features of small payday loans aimed at state teachers with permanent contracts. How can precarious teachers also have access to credit? The product to be chosen in this case is the small loan to the members of the Unitary Management of credit and social services. This solution is aimed at all employees and public pensioners, and therefore also the teachers. In particular, to underline how in this case also the precarious teachers can receive this small loan there are the requisite requisites. Here the case of public employees with a fixed-term contract is mentioned, and it is specified how the small loan can be granted, with the constraint that the end of the repayment is fixed before the expiry of the employment contract.

The characteristics of the loan in this case are slightly different compared to the one seen above, given that the clientele to whom the product is addressed is much wider. First of all, we note that the annual interest rate is 4.25%, which compared to the small loan for tenured professors seems to be very high; comparing it, however, with the rates currently applied by the main banks, we realize how much Inpdap funding is certainly among the most convenient in circulation. As for administrative expenses, these will amount to 0.50% of the gross amount received, while the risk premium will depend on the age of the customer making the request. The sum that we can request will be higher than previously seen, and we will not have any particular limitations regarding the purpose of our loan. We can choose to receive from one to four months. The duration of the loan will depend on the sum requested: receiving a monthly payment will last 12 months, two months will be repaid in 24 months, three months in 36 months and finally in 48 months we will reimburse the four months.

In the event that the customer has no other deductions in progress from his salary, he may request to double the amount to be received. This means that you can repay two months in 12 months, four months in 24 months, six months in 36 months and eight months in 48 months. So far as we have seen, therefore, the small loans for teachers with permanent contracts are certainly cheaper but have different limitations. In the case of small loans for civil servants, precarious teachers will also be able to receive funding, albeit at less favorable terms, thanks to their greater ease of concession. In any case, to submit an application it is necessary to connect to the Social Institute website and access by entering your tax code and PIN code, which is issued upon request by Social Institute. Alternatively, you can access the portal via SPID identity or through the National Services Card. Once logged in, it will only take a few minutes to complete the application and send it. In a few hours we will receive an answer and in case of a positive result the sum requested for the Payday loan will be credited to our current account in a rather short time.

Payday loan for teachers

Payday loan for teachers

For all teachers who are interested in receiving a loan, a specific product is available that can be requested directly online. This form of financing is reserved for those who are employees of Public Administrations and are enrolled in the payday service. What is it? payday is an information system that allows management of PA employees. Thanks to this online service, it is possible to manage the attendance of teachers, the management of all legal-economic data, as well as the production of the monthly salary slip. So this is a very useful portal for the administrations that have joined payday, among which we also find public schools. But this service is also for employees, as it offers various opportunities that can be used directly online and in a few simple clicks.

Among the services reserved for teachers registered at the payday portal there are personal loans. The conditions of the loans are the same that we have analyzed in the previous paragraphs, since these are payday loans. So this is a particularly convenient form of financing, which can be requested without problems by teachers who can guarantee a fixed monthly salary. Being a personal loan with a completely online application procedure, the type of loan that can be used to carry out any project is that of a small loan. As we have seen before, the duration of this loan ranges from a minimum of one year to a maximum of four years. Regarding the amount that can be requested through the payday loan for teachers, this depends precisely on the duration we will choose for the loan itself. The amount of money that can be accessed goes from a minimum of a net monthly salary up to a maximum of four net monthly payments. In the event that there are no other deductions in progress from the salary, the applicant can receive up to two monthly payments for each year of the amortization plan.

If you are interested in receiving the small payday loan for teachers then receiving it is very simple. As reported on the Internet site of payday, to access this service you must first be registered and then be in possession of the login credentials. Once logged in, we will be able to access all the services related to the small loan. First of all, before proceeding with the actual request we can carry out an online simulation of the loan for teachers. In this way we will know immediately the amount of each installment and the interest rates applied based on the amount of money we need. Once the payday loan has been identified, we can proceed with the request through the appropriate service that we will always find in the portal. The personal loan for teachers online is a very fast financing: in fact, it will take less than 48 hours for the amount requested to be paid out. To follow the progress of the practice it will be enough to access the payday portal and check if our request has been accepted or is waiting to be evaluated.



Is it important to use the appropriate loan?

The moment a business needs extra money, looking for a loan may be the most viable option. However, many entrepreneurs or owners of SMEs still have the idea that the only way to acquire it is through their personal accounts or by family and friends. Something that may not be so favorable, because the importance of financing a business with adequate credit is in obtaining the necessary amount and under terms (rate and term) that are appropriate to the capabilities it has.

Below we will tell you more about why it is convenient for you and it is important to use the right credit for a business no matter what size or stage you are in.

Due to the conditions in the offer

Due to the conditions in the offer

Financial institutions that offer loans for small or medium-sized companies, establish conditions that are adequate, as discussed above, to the capacity that a business can present, with interest rates and competitive terms. Well, thanks to the fact that a business usually manages a continuous flow of money, the risk is less for the institution that lends it, allowing to make an offer that works for both parties. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to obtain a low interest rate and, on the other hand, an optimal term depending on the flow of money generated by your business.

The amount you get is appropriate

The amount you get is appropriate

Also when applying for a “loan for SMEs” you can obtain amounts ranging from 100 thousand pesos to 2 million or more. Well, unlike using a credit card or a personal loan, this allows you to get the amount you need and the willingness to settle the credit in a more comfortable way. So we can state that, using the right credit can help to raise large projects that really drive your business to grow. You can even get more of the amount you request and also use it to continue investing.

You create a credit history that can bring benefits in the future

You create a credit history that can bring benefits in the future

In addition to separating the finances of your business from the personal ones, you can start to create a credit history specifically for your SME. Which brings more benefits in the future, since applying for a credit under the name of your business, immediately opens a history that shows the financial performance you have. That is, the behavior in payments, indebtedness and / or credits handled. What in the future can give you the opportunity to continue obtaining loans or financing for your business easier.

Now, taking into account the previous points, you will notice that using the proper credit is really important. Especially if what you most want is for your business to grow and be successful. As a last tip, we encourage you to compare before choosing an offer, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and abilities.